At the center of that triangle of north- eastern Europe, where the Alps and the Adriatic Sea , the Po and the Garda , indicate the old Venetia , covers the territory of Vicenza , a true “Garden of the Veneto ” particularly favored by the beauty and variety of landscape , the mildness of the climate and the exceptional presence of multiple elements of great cultural and tourist interest .
Vicenza , the ancient settlement paleoveneto , developed along the Postojna when it became a Roman municipium in 49 BC .
Vicetia of Roman bridges can be observed , the remains of the theater Berga, the archaeological site under the cathedral , the Criptoportico of a villa on the river, some polychrome mosaics preserved in the local museum and the facilities of an aqueduct in Lobbia , north of city. The magnificent Basilica of SS. Felice and Fortunato is instead one of the most significant monuments of early Christian art of Northern Italy.
Enclosed within its medieval walls and crossed by rivers and Bacchiglione Retrone , the historic center of Vicenza is dominated by the imposing mass of the Palladian Basilica , as with other historical edifices features one of the most elegant squares of art in Italy: Piazza dei Signori. And it is the buildings that overlook the squares and the streets of the center , designed by Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) , to make Vicenza a fascinating ” city “, many admirable testimony to an era that has seen the magnificent inventions of the most celebrated theaters , the Teatro Olimpico, and the ” Rotonda” symbol of Venetian villas in the world.
But all the Vicenza area is dotted with hundreds of villas , as well as their curtains of stone and ferrobattuto reveal their splendid isolation in the lush green parks or the expansive gardens with magnificent statues , the harmonious facades and beautiful wall paintings by the great masters of Venetian painting documenting the evolution of taste and art over three centuries of history.
And so it is with castles, some turned into prestigious homes such as those of Montegalda and Thiene , others to remember the stories and legends that have created fantastic traditions , such as the castles of Marostica, who watch over the chess game with living characters in costume or the castles Romeo and Juliet in Montecchio Maggiore, inspired the most famous love story in the world.